Our expertise

At Actoran, your success is our priority, and we strive to provide you with sound advice and high-quality services in each of our areas of expertise. Our team of seasoned experts has a strong background and the know-how to tackle the challenges you face, offering tailor-made solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Montreal & Paris

Purchasing and supply

We put our expertise at your service to optimize your processes, reduce costs, and maximize the value of your purchases. With our strategic approach and sharp expertise, we are ready to guide you towards efficient and high-performing management of your purchasing and supply.

Montreal & Paris

Finance and Management Control

We firmly believe that behind every number, there is a story, and this story is narrated through the financiers who have now become true business partners to the operational teams and executives. They assist in the implementation of their strategies and the achievement of their objectives.


Information System Security

We are aware of the constantly growing challenges in cybersecurity and data protection. In this complex digital landscape, we offer you top-quality expertise to ensure a robust protection of your IT assets.

Our intervention approaches

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance : consultancy with a commitment to means.
Globalized Technical Assistance : consolidation of several Technical Assistance projects under a single contract.

Service Center

Service Center : implementation of a project platform with a commitment to means and/or performance. Co-piloting with the Client/Actoran.
SERVICE CENTER IN UNITÉS D’ŒUVRE (work units) implementation of a project platform with a commitment to results and performance. Coordinated by Actoran + Industrialization of deliverables.

Fixed Price Project

This is a fixed-price package with a commitment to results. Actoran ensures mastery of quality, cost, and deadlines.

Our intervention approaches